That thing Experienced Writers Do…

I’d always recommend joining a writers’ group. I think it’s a valuable experience no matter what your level of experience. If nothing else you get to talk shop with people who understand.

While reading submissions for a recent meeting something struck me about the difference between the work of the experienced writers work and that of the newer members.

It all came down to depth v haste.

The experienced writers lingered. They favoured depth over action. They had fewer characters and took the the time to explore them. There was sense of characters listening and reacting to each other rather than just arguing to create drama.

With the experienced writers, everything is richer, more distilled. Moments are examined. That doesn’t mean that things can’t be fast paced, it might be that fewer things are looked at in more detail.

One reason for this is a lack of polish. Newer writers seem to stop at the second or third draft.

But there’s something else, something that comes with practice.

This is why we practice writing. And a great way to practice is by being part of a writers’ group.

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