5 Common Linux Misconceptions

1. The Linux Filesystem Hierarchy is a logical, sensible structure It’s not. It’s something that has been cobbled together in an attempt to unify diverging practices. In an age of terabyte hard drives its easy to forget a time when you were limited to just a couple of floppy drives for storage and had toContinue reading “5 Common Linux Misconceptions”

How Long does it Take to Write a Novel?

The answer? Fifteen days, twenty hours and fifty five minutes. I know that because I finished Dream Paris yesterday and I’ve been clocking the time I spent working on the novel. The time includes the writing of the first draft of the novel and three redrafts: first redraft, the second following feedback from my wifeContinue reading “How Long does it Take to Write a Novel?”

The Twelve Days of Christmas – Simplified

If, like me, you’ve found yourself repeatedly performing The 12 Days of Christmas over the last few days, you’re probably in search of some way of remembering where you are in the score. After all, most scores make much use of repeats to keep the page count down, so when you’re performing the song forContinue reading “The Twelve Days of Christmas – Simplified”

Cherry Blossom in the Moonlight

Years ago I read a passage in a book about an ancient Japanese party. During the day the snow had fallen amongst the cherry trees. On the night of the party, someone commanded that snow be brought into the room, and a bough of cherry blossom placed upon it. The lanterns were dimmed so thatContinue reading “Cherry Blossom in the Moonlight”