Goodbye Simplenote, Hello Again Evernote

We’ve all got a list of our favourite CEOs. Okay, we haven’t. But if we did, mine would be Ian Small of Evernote.  You can see him here, clearly uncomfortable at being in front of the camera. I rather like him for that. Being good on camera doesn’t mean you can do the job. I’mContinue reading “Goodbye Simplenote, Hello Again Evernote”

RSI, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…

I suppose it was inevitable that after so much time spent writing stories and articles and programming, I would suffer from Repetitive Strain Injury. I’ve taken care of myself over the years: making sure I set up my work station properly, doing exercises, buying a suitable chair, using an ergonomic keyboard. Even so, things areContinue reading “RSI, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…”

Goodbye Evernote, Hello Simplenote

Simplenote launched a client for Linux at the end of March, 2016. As a longstanding Evernote premium user, frustrated initially by the fact there’s no Linux client, and then frustrated even more by the fact I could no longer get the Windows client to run under WINE, I thought I’d give it a look. AsContinue reading “Goodbye Evernote, Hello Simplenote”

EXIF: WordPress Images Appear Rotated

I recently encountered a problem with images appearing rotated whilst updating the latest posting in the How Writers Write feature on this WordPress powered website. The images looked fine whilst I was editing the page, but when previewed they appeared rotated. Searching online showed this to be a known problem, all to do with EXIFContinue reading “EXIF: WordPress Images Appear Rotated”

Upgraded to Windows 10 and Ubuntu 15.10

… and that’s it. Absolutely no problems at all. I didn’t even have to reinstall GRUB as some sites warned me I’d have to. That’s a dual boot machine, partitioned flash drive. I don’t know what else to say, I almost feel cheated. Both upgrades took about 15 minutes. Looks like I’ve got no excusesContinue reading “Upgraded to Windows 10 and Ubuntu 15.10”

Ubuntu 15.04 + Chillblast Fusion Quasar

I’ve installed Ubuntu 15.04 on my new PC with little difficulty. The machine came with 64bit Windows 8.1 pre-installed, I partitioned the SSD and HDD drives appropriately and Ubuntu went on with no problems… … once I’d managed to get the usb drive with the installer to boot in the correct mode. Windows had beenContinue reading “Ubuntu 15.04 + Chillblast Fusion Quasar”

Codes that Changed the World: Fortran

Before Fortran there was no poetry in programming The BBC are doing a a very interesting radio series on programming languages called Codes that Changed the World, starting with this one on Fortran. I learned Fortran 77 at university as part of my maths degree. What most sticks in my memory are the dreadful videosContinue reading “Codes that Changed the World: Fortran”