What if the Bad Guys Read Books Too?

Like many people, I imagine, I’ve been thinking of the Handmaid’s Tale over the past week. I think its fair to say that most people read this book as a dystopia, a warning of what would happen if the trends Atwood saw in society in the 80s were taken to their logical conclusion.

It’s now becoming apparent that some people would regard this book as a blueprint.  And it occurred to me that, of course, the bad guys read books too. I sometimes think that, as writers, we think that writing is enough. We raise public awareness, we hold a mirror to society, we write solemn warnings.

It turns out that studying to be a lawyer and having your friends get you onto the supreme court is a more effective way of effecting the change you want than simply talking about things.

Blogging and holding up signs just doesn’t do it, I’m afraid.


  1. “Blogging and holding up signs just doesn’t do it, I’m afraid.”

    Things would be a lot different if they did something. Just think how many awareness campaigns failed? No one remember them. All that effort, wasted before the public who doesn’t care about anything.


    1. Exactly. Raising awareness is the easy part. What are you going to do afterwards?

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