How I was fooled by Student Loans

I must admit, the government had me completely fooled over student loans. Yes, I was annoyed that my children are still going to be saddled with massive debts, despite my wife and I saving up for them to go to college since they were born. Yes, I was annoyed that people who had enjoyed freeContinue reading “How I was fooled by Student Loans”

The Great Exam Misdirection

GCSE results are out today in England and Wales, they include the new tougher examinations in English and Maths. There is a new 9 to 1 grading system for these exams, chosen so that more detail can be given about the highest achieving candidates. A similar discussion was played out last week when the AContinue reading “The Great Exam Misdirection”

The Myth of Digital Natives

There’s a myth that children are digital natives, at ease with IT, whilst adults are digital immigrants, at sea in a world of new developments. It’s a myth reinforced by the cliched stories of adults unable to program their video recorder (who has a video recorder nowadays, anyway?) or of mothers and fathers asking theirContinue reading “The Myth of Digital Natives”